6 Easy & Delicious Ways to Add CocoGlow to Your Daily Routine

COCOGLOW: Adaptogens, Raw Cacao, and Chinese Herbs for your daily Wellness Ritual

A question we get asked all the time:  How do I use COCOGLOW?

We love our CocoGlow blends, and they can be used in so many different ways!  We originally developed them to fill a need in our own lives for a simple way to incorporate more adaptogens, Chinese herbs, and medicinal mushrooms into our daily routines.  Obviously, we also needed it to taste good and be an enjoyable experience (otherwise forget it!)  We want to help as many people as possible enjoy the same benefits we have experienced, and that starts with knowing how to incorporate these amazing foods easily into any daily routine.  There are four different COCOGLOW blends:  two cacao based, and two savory broths.  Read on for our favorite ways to use CocoGlow:


1.  Add it to morning coffee, tea, or smoothie.  (Classic or Beauty Blend)  Every morning, I either have a protein smoothie or a cup of coffee (sometimes both!)  If I'm having a smoothie, I include a teaspoon of Beauty Blend.  If I have coffee, I add a teaspoon of Classic and some nutmilk.  Classic in coffee with nutmilk is by far my most frequent way to use CocoGlow.  I keep a jar at my desk at work, and one in my kitchen.

2.  Sprinkle on yogurt or oatmeal bowls.  (Classic or Beauty)
I often eat coconut yogurt or oats with fruit, nuts, seeds, and a spoonful of Beauty Blend on top.  Only takes a minute to prepare, and tastes great!

3.  Make a cup of medicinal hot chocolate.  (Classic or Beauty Blend) 
- 1 cup milk of your choice (we like Cashew or Oat milk best for this)
- 1 tablespoon CocoGlow
- 1 tablespoon raw cacao powder
- sweetener of your choice

Heat the milk (don't boil it), and transfer it to a blender.  Add all ingredients to a blender to combine.  It will come out frothy and delicious. I usually add a little coconut cream and extra vanilla bean powder or cinnamon on top for garnish as well.  This is a nice evening treat.  I personally don't add much sweetener, because I like the taste of cacao on its own.  I do find that most people will like it a bit sweeter when making hot chocolate.  Date sugar, coconut sugar, and maple syrup all work well. 

4.  Make a cup of nourishing broth.  (Daily Broth or Daily Detox)
Simply add a teaspoon of either CocoGlow broth blend to a cup of hot water.  Stir, and enjoy!  This is the best drink on a chilly day, or if you are feeling under the weather.  Both broths taste insanely good.  Daily Broth is great if you are having an energy slump in the afternoon.  I do this most weekdays around 3:00 pm.  Daily Detox is a lifesaver the morning after a night of drinking or too much sugar. 

5.  Use it as a base for soups or savory recipes.  (Daily Broth or Daily Detox)
If you are making soup or a recipe that calls for broth, try using CocoGlow in its place.  Make a simple soup with Cocoglow broth, veggies, rice noodles, and coconut butter (pictured here).  Sprinkle it on veggies or potatoes as a seasoning.  My family does this all the time in their cooking, and it always turns out amazing.  A couple customers have mentioned that they cook rice in CocoGlow Daily Broth and absolutely love it.

6.  Put it on popcorn! (Daily Broth or Daily Detox)
This was recommended to me by a customer, and I couldn't believe I had never thought of it myself.  Popcorn popped in coconut oil and topped with a CocoGlow broth is one of the best savory snacks I've ever had.  Give it a try!

Obviously we would love to hear how you are using your CocoGlow in your daily routines.  Let us know in the comments, or send us a pic of your creation on Instagram! 


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