5 simple morning habits for hormone health

5 simple morning habits for hormone health

I find that small habits add up in a big way when it comes to hormone health. Here are the 5 things I make a point to do each morning. Try them for a week to see if you notice a difference in your energy levels and mood. And keep them up for a month or two to see if you notice a difference in your PMS symptoms, complexion, sleep, anxiety, libido, etc.


1 – Expose your eyes to the early morning sun

The circadian rhythm is innately tied to hormone regulation in the body. Getting just a few minutes of sunlight first thing in the morning can keep your circadian rhythm in sync (even if you went to bed
late and/or slept poorly).

2 – Water before coffee

Sleep is naturally dehydrating, so we all wake up dehydrated. Drinking a glass of water before
anything else will rehydrate you and help stabilize cortisol levels.

3 - Add adaptogens to your coffee (or tea)

I add adaptogens (usually CocoGlow Classic) to my coffee every morning, which helps mitigate the cortisol spike from caffeine that can wreak havoc on hormones.

4 – Quick yoga or stretching routine

Spending just a few minutes in the morning moving, whether it is stretching, yoga or something more active, jumpstarts the lymphatic system, digestion and metabolism, all of which are crucial for optimal hormones. It also lowers stress levels - and stress is a huge factor in hormone health!

5 - Don’t skip breakfast!

Eating a healthy breakfast will help stabilize your blood sugar for the rest of the day. I also find that since I prepare it at home, breakfast is the easiest meal to pack with nutrient-dense foods. No matter what happens the rest of the day, I know I at least had a healthy breakfast! My go to's are avocado toast with nutritional yeast or oatmeal with nut butter and hemp seeds. 


In good health - 


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