Our Story

CocoGlow is a long-time dream that we have spent many cocktail hours and Sunday brunches planning. We are excited to share what we have learned about plant-based beauty foods and nutrition with all of you. We believe that a commitment to health and wellness isn't a sacrifice, but an opportunity to discover what makes you thrive. Our focus is on continual learning and incorporating positive daily health rituals into our lives. Small changes add up to big shifts when it comes to your health and how you feel. 


I am a longtime vegan, focused on creating nutrient-dense whole foods recipes and non-toxic beauty routines. I grew up on a small farm and learned early where food came from, and what fresh plant foods are really supposed to taste like. After college, I started experiencing skin reactions to most cosmetics and foods.  I developed perioral dermatitis and would break out into hives/welts on a regular basis. This was the turning point for me.  I started devouring all the information I could find on holistic nutrition, beauty, and herbalism. We get one body, and it is the most amazing tool we'll ever have. Let's do our best to treat it right!  Sometimes a treat means a cleansing green juice or an incredible piece of raw chocolate, and sometimes it means finding yourself a cute new pair of vegan shoes. 

I'm a licensed acupuncturist and board certified Chinese medicinal herbalist. I first became interested in holistic health and beauty after working in the environmental health field and realizing how many toxins we are exposed to in the food we eat and the products we use every day. I am also a classically trained ballet dancer and was initially introduced to Chinese medicine after an sustaining an injury while dancing. I soon discovered that acupuncture had a unique mind-body approach, that not only healed my injury, but improved my sleep, mood and overall well-being. From that moment I knew what my life's work would be -- to help others find that sense of balance and connection with their bodies. I enjoy working with my patients to help them reduce stress and anxiety, find balance and alleviate physical ailments. I believe in the motto "food as medicine" and incorporate it into both my practice and daily life.

Our Story
We met as college roommates years ago...letting the good times roll with parties, processed food, and self-induced sleep deprivation.  Don't get us wrong; those were amazing years filled with lots of joy, new experiences and funny stories to look back on. However, you can only run on a diet of diet coke, soy lattes, bagels, candy and broccoli for so long before you have to learn to take care of yourself.  Eventually, we each found ourselves dealing with the perfect storm of a stressful lifestyle and poor dietary choices, leading to health problems that we couldn't ignore.

We both struggled with dermatological issues and food sensitivities. Initially, we tried (unsuccessfully) to find solutions in western medicine - which prescribed medications, steroids and antibiotics. After continual disappointment, crushed hopes, and side effects that were often worse than the initial problem, we decided to look deeper into the causes of our illnesses instead of trying to cover up the symptoms. We realized that it was impossible to ignore the impact of the food we eat and the products we put on our bodies on a daily basis.  It was negatively impacting not only our mood and sense of wellbeing, but also our outward appearance. 

This started our journey of taking our health into our own hands and changing our diet & lifestyle choices.  It has been years now that we've been on this path, and there has definitely been a learning curve.  In fact, we continue to learn and adapt on a daily basis. But we have never looked back, and we've never felt better!  We are so excited to share it with all of you! We believe that living a healthy life isn't a hardship or a sacrifice, but an opportunity to explore new foods and experiences, while feeling better in the process!