5 Tips to Ease into Fall

5 Tips to Ease into Fall

Happy Autumn Equinox!

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In traditional Chinese medicine, staying in tune with the changing seasons is thought to improve health, promote balance and ward off disease. 

Autumn is associated with the element of metal and its paired organ, the lungs. The lungs are also associated with grief and letting go.

The peak time for lung energy is from 3-5 am, so if you are constantly waking up around that time, it may be worth exploring any attachment or grief you may be holding onto. 

The fall season is about slowing down and turning inward. The yang energy of the summer is lessening as the yin energy of winter is growing beneath the surface. 

Here are 5 tips to nourish your lungs and yin energy this time of year:

1) Focus on your breath - Whether through yoga, guided meditation or just a reminder throughout your day to inhale and exhale deeply, this can help encourage lung health and boost your immune system.

2) Go to bed earlier - The sunlight is fading earlier each day. Stay in tune with this natural circadian rhythm by moving your bedtime up by 15 or 30 minutes. You will sleep more deeply and wake more rested.

3) Eat warming foods - Soups, stews and warming herbs like ginger anCocoGlow daily broth d garlic help nourish your gut and fortify your immune system. Cold and raw foods are damaging to your digestion, especially this time of year. We will have some delicious seasonal soup recipes to share with you this Fall, so stay tuned!

4) Keep moving - While the shorter, darker days make it a bit tougher to motivate to exercise, make sure you keep active. Light exercise - like walking or gentle yoga - keeps the blood and qi flowing through the body, so that stagnation and disease don’t arise. 

5) Stay warm - In Chinese medicine, the cold and damp weather makes us more susceptible to getting sick. Illness is thought to enter through the neck or nasal passages, so wear a scarf and avoid any cold drafts. Drinking warming teas and broths is also helpful.    

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