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Get glowing with the complete COCOGLOW product set!

Set includes 4oz jars of Classic, Beauty Blend, Daily Broth & Daily Detox. Each jar contains approximately 40 servings. 

The Complete Set is a perfect way to start adding adaptogens and powerful Chinese herbs into your daily wellness routine. This set gives you a variety of ways to add herbs into your day. Classic is cacao based and  is delicious in coffee, oat milk or a smoothie. Beauty Blend has a floral and berry profile and is great in tea or hot water. Both broth blends, the Daily Detox and Daily Broth taste amazing in hot water as a savory plant-based broth or as a soup base. 

CLASSIC's blend of maca and lucuma, plus tonifying Chinese promotes hormonal balance and increased energy levels.

BEAUTY BLEND's combination of flower-based herbs and berries promotes healthy hair, balanced skin and a radiant complexion.

DAILY DETOX is a cleansing blend of nutrient-dense chlorella, medicinal mushrooms and detoxifying Chinese herbs that support healthy liver function, digestion and metabolism.

DAILY BROTH contains a blend of adaptogens, medicinal mushrooms & nourishing Chinese herbs that boost immunity, increase stamina  and help the body combat stress.

Vegan / Gluten Free / Made with Organic Ingredients / No Refined Sugars

Raw cacao, dried dates, maca, lucuma, fo ti root (he shou wu), astragalus root (huang qi), ginger root (sheng jiang), cinnamon bark (gui zhi), turmeric (jiang huang), vanilla bean powder, Himalayan pink salt.

Hibiscus, acai berry, lucuma, dried dates, rose petal (mei gua hua), goji berry (gou qi zi), schisandra berry (wu wei zi), maca, horsetail (mu zei), vanilla bean powder, cinnamon (gui zhi), white peony root (bai shao), angelica sinensis (dong quai).

Nutritional yeast, brown rice flour, Himalayan pink salt, chlorella, ginger (sheng jiang), garlic, dandelion root (pu gong yin), skullcap root (huang qin), nettle leaf (xun ma), lemongrass, milk thistle, chives, reishi (ling zhi), artichoke powder, parsley, celery seed, mustard seed, dill, basil, cayenne pepper.

Nutritional yeast, brown rice flour, Himalayan pink salt, garlic granules, Siberian ginseng (ci wu jia), cordyceps sinensis (dong chong xia cao), reishi (ling zhi),  turmeric (Jiang Huang), mustard seed, chives, basil, dill, celery seed, thyme, black pepper, smoked paprika. 

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